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Thursday, December 01 2011


Scabies is a transmittable, parasitic skin infection caused by a mite called sarcoptes sabiel. This eight legged mite, which looks like a spider when placed under a microscope, can be quite contagious with dogs, cats, and humans. Close physical contact and, less often, sharing clothing, towels or bedding with an infected person can spread the mites. Scabies in humans is not the same as what cats and dogs get, which is more commonly called the "mange". Although pet scabies can spread to humans, those types of mites usually die after a few days. Never the less you can be quite miserable waiting on them to die.

Scabies is characterized by intense itching, red bumps or marks caused by the mites which burrow into the skin to lay their eggs, can you say CREEPY! The life expectancy of the average scabie is approximately 21 days. Scabies in humans can be highly contagious and will require medical treatment. If you believe you have scabies you should see your doctor or dermatologist. Scabies is most commonly treated with prescription strength topical medication lotions. If left untreated scabies may lead to bacterial infections and impetigo, which is a highly contagious skin infection.

Since scabies can live in clothing, bedding, and towels, all items should be washed in hot water with detergent and dried in a hot dryer. Your mattress, pillows, upholstery, and carpets should also be professionally cleaned using Hot Water Extraction or what is commonly called Steam Cleaning. The extreme high temperatures will kill the scabies on contact. When you call your cleaning professional make sure they know how to clean the mattress and pillows. A good professional will have the mattress cleaned and dried in about (2) hours. Please note: other cleaning methods such as encapsulation, bonnet cleaning, etc. will not kill and remove the scabies from your home - Hot Water Extraction is the ONLY METHOD.

I hope this cleaning blog has been helpful to you. If you have a question please contact me at

Michael Hull

Liberty Floor Solutions

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