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Tuesday, April 22 2014

Tile Cleaning Service:

Recently I had the privelege of cleaning several old clients' homes again. It seems no matter how clean I can get the tile and grout it eventually gets dirty. One client thanked me and said that she appreciated the excellence I bring to my work and the other actually called me, she was at work at the time I was in her home, to thank me for a job well done. The gratitude expressed by these two women got me to thinking about "What is Service?" 

If you think about it when you hire a cleaning company to clean and seal your tile and grout lines you are truely hiring a service company. You do not received a product, like a Big Mac from McDonalds, you receive something intangible - SERVICE. One of the things that I always attempt to stress to first time prospects is that NOT ALL SERVICE COMPANIES ARE EQUAL in the tile and grout cleaning world. Most of my competitors are carpet cleaners who occassionally clean tile and grout while we are a tile and grout cleaning service that occasionally cleans carpet. Choosing a service company soley based on price, like a Groupon or Living Social, can be a big mistake if the cleaning company can not meet your 'conditions of satisfaction.' So what are you actually buying when you hire a service company like Liberty Floor Solutions to clean and seal your tile and grout lines?

When you hire a service company to clean your tile and grout lines you pay for the following:

1). Experience. An experienced service company has the ability and competence to solve most if not all of your cleaning needs. They have seen your problem more than once and have a plan that will work. If you were going to have knee surgery would you want your surgeon to be a rookie or experienced veteran? Exactly, we all want the 'experienced' veteran who specializes in our type of surgery.

2). Education. As someone who is a college graduate I can tell you that my physics, math, and chemistry class comes in to play on a daily basis. Also as a certified tile and grout cleaner, through the Masters Touch, education has helped me tremendously in helping my clients.

3). Work Ethic. I can not stress this one enough. It seems as if no one WANTS to work anymore. A tile and grout cleaner who likes his work is more likely to have a stronger work ethic than someone who is 'passing time.' One of the advantages of being a small business owner is that my clients ALWAYS deal directly with me and not employees who will be gone in six months.

4). Honesty. Many of my clients leave the home and do other things because they know that Liberty Floor Solutions can be trusted. Nothing will be missing when they return and the work will be performed in an orderly fashion. What peace of mind this is to be able to hand some the keys and simply tell them to 'lock the door behind you when you are done.'

5). Reputation. Reputation is the result of the other four. I love what the Bible says about reputation, "A good name is to be chosen over riches." A good name is what carries you into the future and what drives clients to call back when there is a future need. I am proud to say that we a retention rate of about 87%. In other words, 87% of our clients will call us back in the future. Usually the other 13% either move a way or die. 

The next time you are in the market to hire a tile and grout cleaning service company consider the five qualities we mentioned about before making a final decision. If you have questions you can reach me at (916) 525-2456 or 

Michael Hull

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