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Friday, June 07 2013

Removing Stains From Limestone - 2013:

Recently I was called to a home with a beautiful limestone floor in the kitchen, entry, hallway, bathroom, and office. This limestone floor was two years old and the owner had done an excellent job of maintaining the floor. One day the homeowner left a bag of garbage on the floor and the bag leaked on to the limestone floor in the kitchen. Because the floor had never been sealed the contents from the bag soaked into the limestone and created a stain. Because limestone, like travertine, is porous it will absorb liquids of all kinds. I reminded the homeowner that because many of the foods we eat are acidic (ie: tomatoes, coffee, tea, milk, eggs, vinegar, lemon, orange, pineapple, etc.) that it was a matter of time before something acidic would end up on the floor. Hence the reason why the floor should be sealed.

After conducting two separate tests it was determined that the stain had soaked down far enough that cleaning alone would not solve his problem. In cases like these we like to use a poultice. A poultice is a mixture of clay and chemicals that will help draw the stain to the surface making for a safe removal from the floor. This process usually requires (3) days for the poultice to do its thing but it is usually quite effective. After three days we go back and remove the dried out clay and then clean & polish with a hog's hair brush. This technique will work more times then not. If necessary we can place our stone grinder on the floor and remove a micro layer of stone and removing the stain at the same time.

I attempted to walk the client through the process of what he needed to do and approximately how much he would need to spend on chemicals, poultice, etc. and he decided to hire me because he wanted it done right the first time. He did not want to take a chance on making a potential bigger mistake and it costing more. Smart Thinking. 

Michael Hull

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Monday, June 03 2013

BEWARE: Groupon Carpet Cleaning Scam - 2013:

This past Friday I received another Deal of the Day from Groupon offering another tile and grout cleaning and carpet cleaning discount. This particular groupon had been run last month, May, and in April. When I opened the groupon they had already sold over 250 (this is around 5:00am), by Friday afternoon it was over 270 (keep in mind they do not say the exact total only that is "over" a certain amount), by Monday it was still over 270. What is interesting is that both the carpet cleaning groupon and the tile and grout cleaning groupon, separate offers, but by the same local company had the EXACT same number of sales at the EXACT same time. Does something smell fishy to you. 

In addition to the number of sales being exactly the same ALL of the questions from the customers where from over (4) months ago. This same add has been run every month for the past (5) MONTHS! What I also discovered is that if you purchase the smaller of the two groupons you will NOT see the original owner but a SUB-CONTRACTOR. Talk about deceptive. I have also learned of people having to wait for over (5) hours for the cleaner to show up. Is this the type of service you want?

If you purchase a $59.00 carpet cleaning job Groupon will make $29.50 (or half) the carpet cleaner/tile and grout cleaner will receive the other half in THREE instalments over a six month period. Put yourself in the carpet cleaner's shoes for just a moment. You arrive at Mrs. Jones place to clean an entire home for $29.50 and only $9.83 is paid out right away. What kind of high pressure sales tactics is this person going to have to use in order to make any money? If you don't buy any upsells what type of quality can you expect for $9.83? He can't even pay for his gas. 

I said this before I believe there is a place for Groupon in the market place but NOT in the cleaning industry. It is bad for the business owner and worse for the client. Remember good things aren't cheap and cheap things aren't good.

Until Next Time,


Michael Hull

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