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Thursday, April 18 2013
Tile Shower Cleaning 2013

For the past two days I have been cleaning tile showers for a couple in the Elk Grove, California area. These bathrooms consisted of porcelain tile and non-sanded grout showers, porcelain tile and sanded grout floors, and corian vanities. When soap scum and hard water deposits build up on shower wall surfaces they can be very difficult to remove. It is almost like removing cement, and your average cleaners just won't do the trick.
To remove soap scum and hard water deposits from showers you will need to use a special cleaning solution, a shower gel, that will melt the deposits and soap scum. I try to avoid using acid because of the potential harm that it can cause to the grout, environment, and me. I use a special formula that is gel like so that it won't run down the wall. You will also need a stiff nylon brush because you are going to have to scrub the entire surface to break down those hard water deposits and lift the soap scum out of the grout lines and the micro pores found in the tiles themselves. It takes me longer to clean tile showers than just about anything else. It is hard work even with my specialized equipment and chemicals. The grout lines looked brand new when I finished and the clients were thrilled with the results.

Not only did I clean the showers but I also cleaned the porcelain tile and sanded grout floors. Because this couple has three children there was a real build up of oils, hairspray, etc. on the floor. Like the shower I was able to return the floor to like new condition. Finally, I polished the corian to bring back the original lustre of the vanity. Even though corian is a very tough plastic surface build up can happen on it as well. This build up of make-up, soap, and hard water can dull the appearance of the corian. A simple polishing was all that was necessary to restore it back to like new condition.

When cleaning tile showers it is very difficult to give DIY hints because it usually takes special chemicals, tools, and expertise to be successful. Before tackling a tough job like this I would consult with an expert to see if this is something that you can do on your own and should it be done by a professional. I hope this has been helpful to you. If you have questions please let me know at

Until Next Time,

Michael Hull

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Friday, April 05 2013
Travertine Cleaning Specialist  2013:

Yesterday I receive a telephone call from a young lady, Grace, who was calling cleaning companies in the area for phone estimates. She has 1,500 square feet of travertine that is approximately (5) years old. This home, which currently has a tenant living in it, will be her parents home in about (3) more weeks. Since she lived in the community and was a property manager for the private development she was taking on the project of getting the home ready for her parents. Most people when they call always ask about the price first simply because they do not know what else to ask. This young lady was no different.

I am a firm believer that "Service" is something you do 'for' someone and not 'to' someone. I began to ask her questions about the floor and asked her to tell me everything she knows about the travertine floor and the previous owner. We probably spent (20) minutes or longer talking. One of the things that I uncovered from this conversation is the current tenant claims to have cleaned and sealed the travertine floor every year. He stated that it was a (16) hour project for him, but he wanted the floor to be in pristine condition at all time. When someone says that they seal their floor every year this is a Red Flag to me. Since the previous homeowner never hired a professional how do we know IF they used the correct sealer and did it really need to be sealed every year. I explained to Grace that is more important than ever that the floor be tested before an estimate could be given. I explained to her that the previous homeowner could have made things a real challenge or very easy depending on what exactly they have done to the floor and what chemicals they have used on the travertine floor.

Grace asked what type of tests I would perform and I gave her a detailed explanation and why we wanted to perform these tests. She agreed that this was the next logical step and an appointment was set. The most important thing I hope Grace has learned about me and Liberty Floor Solutions is that I can be trusted to provide "Service" before, during, and after the sale. As a business owner I have learned over the years that I can ONLY offer my clients THREE things: Price, Service, & Quality, and I can ONLY offer two of the three. No business can offer ALL three. Here at Liberty Floor Solutions we are about SERVICE & QUALITY. 

Until Next Time,

Michael Hull
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