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Wednesday, October 09 2013

Professional Tile Cleaning Service 2013:

Recently I went to Kohl's to purchase a new coffee maker. My wife had broken our carafe and I decided I wanted one with an automatic timer that would turn before I got up. I always enjoy a hot cup of 'joe' first thing in the morning like most people reading this blob. I found exactly what I was looking for at that I thought was a fair price and made my way to the check out. When the young gal checked me out she reminded me THREE times how much money I had saved today by shopping at Kohl's. First of all I really don't know how much money I saved because I did not shop around looking for a bargain at other stores or on-line. What interested me as I was walking out the store was that no mention was made concerning the 'quality' of the coffee maker and no mention was made of the 'service' I had received. Since I walked around the store by myself and no one came over to assist me I can only assume that 'service' is not a priority with Kohl's. By the fact that she reminded THREE times about how much money I was saving it is safe to assume that 'price' is the number one item they are selling at Kohl's and there is nothing wrong with that. My wife and daughter love shopping at Kohl's because it is inexpensive.

This experience reminded me again that in the professional tile cleaning service you had better have 'service' as one of the things that you are selling. One of my local competitors recently ran a full page ad promoting 40% Off all of his services including carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, natural stone cleaning, and tile & grout cleaning. This same local competitor, who happens to run a franchise cleaning business, promoted all summer long 30% Off all of his services. What are you really getting if you hire him to clean your tile and grout. I would suspect a low price but what happens IF he does not meet your "conditions of satisfaction? " In other words, if the tile and grout still look dirty when he is done did you get your money's worth? The obvious answer is NO!

I have recently been hired to service one travertine stone floor and one tile & grout floor where the 'low price' leader did a very poor job. When it came to both jobs the floors were not sealed even though the client paid for the service. Hiring the low price leader and then hiring me to fix the problem is the most expensive way to go. I head Zig Ziglar once say, "It is better to a little more than you had planned, then less than you should." It goes without saying "Good things are not cheap and cheap things are not good." Especially when it comes to professional tile and grout cleaning.

If you have questions please give me a call at (916) 525-2456.


Michael Hull

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Wednesday, October 09 2013

Cleaning 'Smart Strand' Carpet 2013

A number of years ago Mohawk, a leading carpet manufacturer, rolled a brand type of carpet called 'Smart Strand.' This new carpet was hailed as the newest innovation of stain blocking technology. They even promoted the carpet by having a rhino live on it for a whole month then they cleaned it using only water. Of course the carpet look brand new again and we are all amazed by what we just saw.

A few weeks ago I received a call from a referral asking me if I would clean their smart strand carpeting and not use any cleaning solutions. This couple had been told that no cleaning solutions would be necessary and she had the carpets cleaned about a year ago but did not like the way they had turned out. The 'professional' cleaned her carpets using only hot water per her request. The large pet stain in the master bedroom had returned and they traffic lanes were still quite dirty. Because this couple had two large dogs and one cat living inside the carpets were soiled with the lanolin from the dogs' hair. I agreed to clean the carpets but with the condition that I could incorporate my certified green cleaning solutions. The wife agreed and I spent about (3) hours cleaning and grooming the carpets. The large pet stain is 100% gone and the traffic lanes are almost new. Once again the carpet looks fresh, smells fresh, and feels good to the bare feet.

Before cleaning this carpet I visited Mohawk's website and discovered that they too recommended that there would be times when it would be necessary to use 'soap.' The Smart Strand carpet is a beautiful carpet that is durable, but it still needs to be vacuumed regularly and professionally cleaned regularly. Because this couple has three large pets living in their home they should probably have these carpets cleaned about every six months to prevent the heavy build up of oil from the dogs' hair. All carpets have a magnetic attraction to dirt that is the reason why they are sometimes called 'air filters.' 

The only mistake this couple made was hiring a person who did not know or did not care about what the end result would be for the carpets and the clients. Had he insisted on using a cleaning solution he may have had a customer for life. I hope this blog has helped you if you have questions about smart strand carpet cleaning please email me at 


Michael Hull

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