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Wednesday, June 20 2012

Another Good Reason To Do Business With Liberty Floor Solutions-

When you buy from a Mom or Pop Business (Liberty Floor Solutions), you are NOT helping a CEO buy a third vacation home, a luxury yacht, or a snow covered villa overlooking the Swiss Alps.

You are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mom or dad put food on the table, a family pay a mortgage, or a student pay for college.

Here at Liberty Floor Solutions our Customers are our shareholders and they are the ones we strive to make happy. When you buy from Liberty Floor Solutions you are always speaking to the owner.

Thank you for supporting Liberty Floor Solutions and all the other Mom or Pop small businesses in the Sacramento Valley Area. We appreciate your business!

Michael Hull

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Monday, June 11 2012

Groupn Tile and Grout Cleaning:

This past weekend one of my local competitors ran this tile & grout cleaning advertisement with Groupon: "150 square feet of tile & grout cleaning for only $59.00 a SAVINGS of 81%- a value of $262.50 (this would translate to $1.75 per square foot which would make him the most expensive tile & grout cleaner in Sacramento, probably the world). This Groupon was for man made tile only, porcelain and ceramic, NOT natural stone. In the past I have expressed that there is a market place for Groupon but NOT in the cleaning business. Of the $59.00 a consumer will spend with Groupn 50% of the $59.00 ($29.50) will go to Groupon and $29.50 will go to the cleaner.

According to the Groupon "ask the vendor" question section he was asked two questions I would like to address:

1). "I currently have 400 square feet of tile & grout how much for the remaining 250 square feet after the groupon? His answer was "$1.00 per square foot and it is the lowest price we have ever offered. Normally we charge $1.75 per square foot." I am sorry folks but this is NOT honest. How do I know this? First according to his yelp reviews he has run a similar ad on Living Social and a previous ad on Groupon this calendar year. Most if not all of his business has been coming from these deeply discounted offers. Second, I keep a fair hand on my competitors and I know that the AVERAGE RATE OF CLEANING IN SACRAMENTO IS $1.00 PER SQUARE FOOT. According to his Yelp Reviews he is averaging 2 1/5 stars and the people with complaints are the ones who bought a Groupon or Living Social coupon. In fairness to him he did have a number of positive reviews for carpet cleaning.

2). "How long does it take you to clean and seal 400 square feet of tile and grout?" His answer, "It usually takes us about 2 hours to clean and seal 400 square feet of tile and grout." If you go back to the first page of my website you will see that when we are cleaning 500 square feet or more we devote the entire day to that one customer. Why? Because there are numerous steps you must take to properly clean and seal tile and grout. Before you can seal grout you must first blow dry the grout and it must be dry before applying sealer of any kind. It typically takes ONE HOUR to thoroughly blow dry the floor before you can apply the sealer. It typically takes us one hour to set up and prep the floor for cleaning. His answer to this question clearly demonstrates that he does not know how to properly clean and seal a tile and grout floor.

If have said it before and I will say it again "If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is." Folks please stay away from these types of cleaners. If you have questions please email me at

Michael Hull

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Saturday, June 09 2012

The importance of removing carpet soil:

When I am estimating, or cleaning someone's, carpets they almost always ask the question, "Why are there dark traffic patterns in my carpets, and is there any thing I can do about it?" These dark traffic patterns are often the result of "carpet soil" scaring the carpet fibers. These scars permanently damage the carpet fiber and change the way carpet reflects light.

Carpet soil typically consists of dust, dander, hair, dead skin cells, dust mites, dust mite feces, oils, bacteria and various kinds of dirt. This lethal concoction can reak havoc on you, or a family member's, allergies not to mention the smell and the yucky feel of the carpets. If you have pet urine, feces, etc. the problem is even worse. This carpet soil acts like sand paper and literally grinds the carpet fibers until all of the color and texture is gone. Imagine having two brand new yellow pencils and each day you rub the pencils together for a few seconds but you never used or sharpened the pencils. What color would the yellow pencils be in 30,40, or even 60 days? If you guessed BLACK you are correct. The friction from rubbing the pencils together causes heat and the heat is what melts the color of the pencil. The same thing is happening on your carpets only on a much larger scale.

Is there anything you can do to prevent this? Yes! First of all you need to follow your manufactures recommendations concerning carpet care: 1). Vacuum your carpets at least three times per week. If you can use a HEPA filtration vacuum. This type of vacuum will pick up the smallest of particles and is excellent for people with allergies. 2). Wear socks or indoor slippers and never go barefoot. On the bottom of foot you have 250,000 sweat glands that release oil, dirt, and dead skin into your carpets. 3). Professionally STEAM CLEAN your carpets at least once per year. There are other methods available for cleaning carpets but Mohawk & Shaw (the two largest carpet manufactures in the United States) recommend ONLY STEAM CLEANING. ALL OTHER METHODS WILL VOID YOUR CARPET'S WARRANTY. 4). Make sure that the professional carpet cleaner is just that a PROFESSIONAL. A professional will have a truck mounted steam cleaning unit and they will be educated in the area of cleaning. 5). Ask and make sure the professional carpet cleaner is going to pre-vacuum your carpets before cleaning them. 80% of all dry particulates can be removed with a quality vacuum. How much better is the STEAM CLEANING going to work once this 80% is removed. IF THEY DO NOT MAKE IT A PRACTICE TO PREVACUUM THEN THEY ARE NOT A PROFESSIONAL. 6). Apply carpet protectant once the cleaning is finished. Carpet protectant prevents the fibers from scaring and being sanded down. A REAL PROFESSIONAL WILL ALWAYS APPLY CARPET PROTECTANT BECAUSE HE KNOWS IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!

I hope this information has been useful to you. If you have questions please email me at

Michael Hull

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Thursday, June 07 2012

Dog Urine - Dog Vomit & Travertine:

We have received an unusual amount of calls and visitors to our website lately asking for help because of pets and travertine stone. Namely dog urine, dog vomit, and cat urine. Because travertine is a calcium carbonate stone and the stone is porous dog urine, vomit, and cat urine can etch and/or stain travertine stone. By etching we mean to burn the stone. This burning can be moderate to severe depending on the quality of your travertine, the porosity of the stone and was a quality sealer applied to floor when it was installed. As a side note most floors are NOT sealed when they are installed by the contractor. 

Both dog urine and cat urine are highly acidic liquids comprising of water, lipids (oils), protein, & uriac acid. Dog & cat urine are acidic when it leaves the body and becomes alkaline when it dries. The uriac acid literally burns leaving a mark or scar on the stone. Because dog vomit is also acidic it can do as much damage as the urine. Dogs can generally eat bones and digest them because their stomach acid is 100 times more acidic than a humans. Because dog vomit can come in a variety of colors those colors can be deposited into the stone leaving a colored mark, a stain. If your travertine has been properly sealed and the sealer is still in tack when the accident happens the sealer will give you time to clean up the mess before it can reach the stone and damage your travertine. Sealers are typically made of polymers (plastic) and this is what is the barrier between the stone and the mess. Sealers will break down over time especially when they are coming into contact with something as strong as dog urine and cat urine.

If you see your dog or cat urinate/vomit on your natural stone floor you need to immediately BLOT up the liquid with a white terry cloth towel, and then follow up with dish soap to neutralize the acid and finally rinse thoroughly with clean water and clean towels. It is a good idea to have "bar towels" handy and a spray bottle filled with dish soap or a pH neutral cleaner just in case. Both urine and vomit will eventually eat through even the best sealers and etch your stone. If your stone has been discolored or has been etched then you will want to hire a professional cleaner who is an expert in restoring travertine stone. Restoring travertine back to its natural lustre is not a job for amateurs.

I hope this has been helpful to you. If you have questions about your travertine floors please email me at

Michael Hull

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