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Thursday, March 29 2012

Cheapo Carpet Cleaning Does It Again:

Earlier this week I received a telephone call from a real estate agent friend of mine asking me to come over and take a look at a rental that he was working on. Since the rental property was only a mile from my home I immediately drove over to take a look at the home with the owner and the prospective tenant. The home was (4) bedrooms with wall to wall carpeting - approximately 1,500 square feet of total carpeting.

Upon arriving I was informed by the home owner and the new tenant that the carpets had been cleaned less than (4) days ago. The carpets had large stains through out and had the feel of soap. According to the owner he hired a guy from a 'coupon' and had paid him $60.00 to clean this home. The home owner also informed me that the carpet was very wet (24) hours after cleaning, and it was still damp in certain rooms. I suggested to the owner that he should call the other carpet cleaner and have him re-clean the carpets or request a refund. He said 'no' that he did not trust him. The irony of this whole thing is that it would have cost him MORE to rent a Rug Doctor, plus chemicals, than it was to hire this 'cheapo' carpet cleaner. That should have been his first clue that something was going to go wrong.

The owner of the home made two mistakes in my opinion. First, his decision to hire someone was solely based on price. The lowest price does not mean you got the best deal. The home owner will have to eventually hire someone to satisfy his new tenant. If you saw the condition of the carpets you would demand that they be cleaned too. His second mistake, in my opinion, was not asking for his money back. He should at least speak with the carpet cleaner to see if he would be willing to re-clean the carpets.

Before leaving I handed the owner my estimate for cleaning which was $200.00 for this particular home. The owner looked at me with shock regarding my estimate. I explained to him my (12) step cleaning process and this did not persuade him. He was still 'hung up' on the price. He will probably hire another "cheap" carpet cleaner with slightly better results - maybe. It goes without saying - 'Cheap things aren't good and good things aren't cheap', especially in the cleaning business. I hope this article has been helpful to you. If  you have questions please contact me at

Michael Hull

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Tuesday, March 27 2012

Cheap Carpet Cleaning:

last Friday I had the pleasure of serving a Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy and her daughter. We were hired to clean and seal her travertine floor. The day before she hired a local carpet cleaner, who weekly advertises in the SavPak coupon mailer, come out and clean three rooms of carpeting for $69.95. She mentioned to me that even though it had already been 24 hours that the carpets were still wet. Upon inspection of the carpets they were still wet, the stains were still present, and the carpet cleaner did not bother to set the knap (rake) or apply carpet protectant or deodorizer. Before cleaning her travertine kitchen floor I brought in my blowers, raked the carpet, applied protectant and deodorizer, and had everything dry in about (2) hours.

The said part of this story is that this Deputy, who puts her life on the line everytime she goes to work, probably would have paid the extra amount to have it done right the first time. Unfortunately, the carpet cleaner was too busy performing his "splash & dash" routine to even care. The reason why cleaners have a bad reputation is because of incidents like these. Hopefully I restored some of her faith by the care we should towards her, her daughter, and her travertine floor. Yes, her travertine floors looked 'WOW' when we were done.

Good things aren't cheap and cheap things aren't good. If you have questions please email me at

Michael Hull

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Thursday, March 22 2012

Living Social Tile & Grout Cleaning Coupon:

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a lady by the name of Jackie. She had called my office two days ago needing someone to clean about 120 square feet of porcelain tile and sanded grout in her entry way. She was having a baby shower in about (4) days, with about (50) guests, and she wanted everything to look clean and fresh. Jackie explained to me that she had already hired someone through Living Social and they had done a terrible job. In fact the other cleaning company had put a wax on the tile and this had made matters worse. Putting wax on a dirty floor is an old trick by LAZY janitors because if it is 'shiny' it must be clean - right?

If you are not familiar with Living Social it is similar to Groupon. They recruit business owners to offer extremely low prices for their goods and services, then they offer those discounts to Living Social members for a fee. The fee, which in this case was $70.00, is then split 50/50 between the business owner and the Living Social. In other words the cleaning company was going to receive $35.00 for two hours work.

When Jackie told me her story the first thing I suggested to her was to call the first company and ask them to correct their mistakes. She tried but their number was disconnected, and Living Social did not know how to get in touch with them. Fortunately for her Living Social did refund her money. When I met with her yesterday the first thing I did was to get a history profile of the floor and run (3) separate and distinct tests to determine IF I could meet her "conditions of satisfaction." My tests revealed that I could undo the damage of the first cleaner and meet her 'conditions of satisfaction.' Two hours later she had a very clean floor with NO wax - just the way she wanted. Her comment to me as I was leaving, "I will definitely use you again for other services." Did she pay more than $70.00 - YES. It bears repeating, "Good things aren't cheap, and cheap things aren't good."

If you have questions about this article you can reach me at

Michael Hull

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Thursday, March 08 2012

Tile & Grout Cleaning Prices:

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a very nice lady I will call "Lucy". She had me come over to her home to give her an estimate on cleaning about 400 square feet of porcelain tile with non-sanded grout. I explained to her our process, measured out the floor, and tested the floor this all took about (30) minutes. When I handed her my estimate she indicated that she liked what I had to offer and the way in which I had presented myself and my company, Liberty Floor Solutions, but I was $80.00 higher than my competitors.

I asked her to explain my competitor's estimate - in other words what exactly was she paying for. She attempted to explain to me how they were going to do it and how long it would take them. She noted that my time for cleaning was estimated to be longer than my competitors. I asked her these questions: "Are they going to move the furniture?" NO; "Are they going to tape off your baseboards to protect them from becoming water logged?" NO; "Are they going to put 'corner guards' on all the corners of the house so that they cleaning hoses do not scratch the paint?" NO; "Are they going to blow dry the grout lines so that you can have your floor back sooner?" NO; "Are they going to put a protective coating over the entire floor surface?" NO; "Are they going to move back your heavy furniture?" NO. Yes, I did get the job!

I hope you know by now that NOT all tile & grout cleaners are the same. Good things aren't cheap and cheap things aren't good. If you have questions about this article please contact me at

Have A Great Day!

Michael Hull

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