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Thursday, November 29 2012
 Pet Urine and Travertine Floors:

Every week, without exception, someone is contacting us about their pet urinating on their travertine floors and what can be done. This blog is for both dog owners and cat owners alike. Pets, even the best trained pets, can have an accident on the floor. Unlike children they can not tell you when they need to "go potty." I personally believe that our dog, Kimo, will occasionally urinate on the floor because he is mad at us for leaving him alone too long.

Travertine stone is often called a "soft stone" because it etches and scratches so easily. If you put a drop of acid on travertine you will notice that it will fizzle almost immediately, that is because of the presence of calcium carbonate in the stone. Any kind of acid, such as coffee, vinegar, tea, soda pop, lemon juice, etc., can and will etch travertine if it comes in contact with the stone long enough. One of the reasons why you should use a high quality sealer is because it will create a barrier between the stone and the urine (acid substance) giving you time to clean it up before it etches the stone.

A good thing to have around the house is some dish soap mixed with water in a spray bottle. The typical dish soap has a pH level of 8.0 which makes it an alkaline. The alkaline in the soap will neutralize the acid in the pet urine once applied. This can limit the amount of etching/damage to the stone. Here are some tips to remember:

1). Have a small mixture of dish soap & water in a spray bottle located in a convenient location;

2). Have some bar towels handy or paper towels handy;

3). Before blotting up the urine spray on the dish soap. As I mentioned to you earlier this will neutralize the acid in the urine;

4). Blot with bar towels or paper towels - DO NOT RUB or WIPE. BLOT, BLOT, BLOT;

5). Rinse with clean water and BLOT, BLOT, BLOT.

If your travertine floor has been etched by pet urine or any type of acid it will need to be repaired by a professional. A professional should be able to remove the etch marks, scratches, etc. from your travertine floors making them beautiful once again. I hope this information has been helpful to you.

Until Next Time,

Michael Hull

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Thursday, November 08 2012
Cleaning Upholstery:

Yesterday I had the privelege of visiting some friends from my church to give them an estimate for carpet cleaning. After inspecting the carpets and a reasonable price for the job had been discussed they booked an appointment with me to come back and clean the entire down stairs carpets. While I was there they asked me about a large sectional sofa and matching chair that also needed to be cleaned.
I learned from asking questions that they had hired a person a number of years to clean their upholstery and they said he did a "great" job. They went on to explain that he spent about (3) hours cleaning the sectional sofa, which is quite large, and the matching chair. I knew from experience that it would take me about 2 1/2 to 3 hours as well to properly clean furniture this large. They went on to say that the furniture stayed clean for a very long time and wanted him to clean it again but he had gone out of business. The wife stated thay they had hired a major chain (I will not expose their name on this blog) to clean the furniture and it only took them only about (45) minutes to clean. The did not like the way to cleaning went nor did they like the fact the furniture re-soiled very quickly. Hence, they did not want to hire this major chain again.

What is amazing about this story is NOT that the major chain did not do a very good job but that they charged more than the first cleaner and they are about $65.00 higher than me. They have a very low advertised price, but after they get into the door everything changes. We call this 'bait & switch.'  This is one of the reasons, I believe, people wait so long to have their carpets, upholstery, or tile cleaned. They got burned and don't want it to happen again. Personally I can't blame them. I have said many times on this website that they best way to hire a service company is through a referral. Usually, if a company did your friends right they will do you right too. I hope this information has been helpful to you.


Michael Hull
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