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Tuesday, March 30 2010

Got Grout - Clean It Out!

Have you ever wondered what causes your tile and grout lines to get so dirty? If you use a standard mop and bucket, or the kitchen sink, you will notice something interesting after the first rinse. That's right - the water is turning brown. The more you use that rinse water the browner, dirtier, it gets. In essence what you are doing is swirling the dirt on the floor with water and soap creating what we like to call a "slurry". A slurry is what happens when soap and dirt are left on the floor. And every time you mop the floor you create a new layer of dirt and stains that are harder to remove.

Soap is an alkaline substance with negative ion charged particles. Dirt is a substance that has positive ion charged particles. Just like a magnet opposites attract. When you create a slurry you are creating an environment where the soap attracts the dirt like a magnet and holds it to the tile and grout. Done enough times it is almost impossible to make new again without my highly specialized cleaning system.

Another thing you should know about the brown build on your tile and grout lines is they are typically loaded with harmful bacteria and other types of germs. Remember - the animals and birds use the great outdoors for their toilet. When you step in bird poop you will track it into your home and deposit small trace amounts into your tile and grout floors - YUK!

So, if you have tried everything that you know of and still are not satisfied with how your tile and grout lines look then it is time to call in the professionals.

Until Next Time,

Michael Hull


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Wednesday, March 03 2010

Sacramento is not only the capital of California but the 'allergy capital" as well. According to an allergist with Kaiser that I spoke with there are more types of plants, trees, shrubs, and grasses in the Sacramento Valley there any where in the world. He also told me that almost everyone who moves to Sacramento will exhibit allergy symptoms within three years of moving to Sacramento. As an allergy sufferer I can attest to his findings.

I am always asked if there is anything that can be done from a cleaning perspective to lower or minimize one's allergy symptoms? Listed below are some helpful hints you an do to reduce or eliminate your allergy symptoms.

First - understand that your house has been closed up for most of the winter months and it could probably use some good fresh air. Open the doors and windows for several hours and allow fresh outdoor air to fill your home. According to research indoor air is (5) times more polluted than outdoor air.

Second - Clean or replace your whole house filter. You can buy a replacement filter for about $8.00 at Lowe's, Home Depot, OSH, or any hardware store. Whole house filters trap dust, pollen, dander, dust mites, and dust mite feces before they enter your air duct and circulate throughout your home.

Third - Vacuum your mattress and wash your pillow if possible. According to research 60% of all dust mites and their feces live in your matress and your pillow. Vacuum using a HEPA filtration system so that you won't spread the dust around the room. Check to see if your local carpet cleaner can clean your mattress and pillow. With the right system 90% of the dust mites and feces can removed from the mattress and pillow.

Fourth - Vacuum your carpets using a HEPA filtration vacuum system (3) times per week for the next (30) days. You will be amazed at how much stuff you can vacuum out of your carpets if done using this method.

Fifth - Clean all over your counter tops and vanities with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide will kill all of the harmful anaerobic bacteria without damaging your surfaces.

Sixth - Dust all of the surfaces of your home including your baseboards. As of this date I have not seen any real ant-allergen dust sprays. Some companies will market their product as such but I believe it is more marketing hype than anything else. You can clean your baseboards with a terry cloth towel and warm water.

Seventh - Last but not least take a lint roller over all of your upholstery. This will remove hair, dead skin cells, and dust from your furniture.

If you need the professional services of a cleaning company we are here to serve you.

Until Next Time,


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