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Wednesday, October 28 2009

How to clean your toilet using Coca Cola

Believe it or not you can use Coca Cola to clean the inside of your toilet bowl. Coke has two essential ingredients - carbonated water and phosphoric acid. The next time you are cleaning your toilet bowl try using the 'Real Thing'.

1). Use a plastic bottle, cans will make this difficult, and pour all around the toilet bowl working from the top down;

2). Let sit for about 10-15 minutes. The phosphoric acid and carbonated water will break down the water deposits and stains;

3). Scrub toilet bowl using a standard toilet brush and flush when done.

I believe Ripley's would be proud of this one!

Until Next Time,

Michael Hull

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Thursday, October 15 2009


From time to time I will receive a telephone call usually from a 'DIY' (do it yourself) person, and this well meaning sole wants to know all of my secrets to cleaning tile and grout. They have seen my videos, pictures, or have seen our work first hand and think they can do it just as good if not better. Usually they went to Lowe's or Home Depot and bought the expensive tile cleaner with little or no results. They have tried various types of acids or some type of bleach and the problem has only worsened. They are sure that there is some secret that I have that they can use to get their tile & grout to look new again. Actually there are (4) secrets that I use to restore a person's tile & grout back to like new condition and here they are:

1). SECRET NUMBER ONE: When I roll up to your house and you look out your window you will see a $60,000+ investment in front of your home. I made a very real investment into the business of tile & grout cleaning and continue to do so on a monthly basis;

2). SECRET NUMBER TWO: I have spent more than $5,000.00 on my education as a cleaner and can not over state the importance of education in the cleaning industry. Maybe you have heard the phrase "knowledge is king", well, it is in the cleaning industry. I am sure that I will spend another $5,000.00 before I am finished;

3). SECRET NUMBER THREE: As a former paralegal I was well trained into the art of research. To this day I still use this necessary skill to research what works in this industry and what is nothing more than 'snake oil'. I have spent hundreds of hours researching all aspects associated with tile & grout cleaning, sealing, repair, etc. You can't do enough research;

4). SECRET NUMBER FOUR: I enjoy what I do - making people smile again. When people see their floors after I have cleaned them they usually say 'WOW'! There is nothing better than a happy client!

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Thursday, October 01 2009

How to stop mold build up in your shower:

If you have lived in the Sacramento Area for any length of time you already know that mold will eventually accumulate on/in your shower(s). Here are some steps you can do to prevent mold build up:

Step #1: Before exiting the shower take a window squeegee and wipe down the excess water from shower walls and doors;

Step#2: Leave the shower door open and allow and do not close until dry. Leaving the shower door open allows for more air flow which means the shower will dry faster; hence, less opportunity for mold growth;

Step#3: NEVER USE CLOROX BLEACH! Bleach is an acid that can and will permanently damage your grout lines. Only use an alkaline cleaner such as Mr. Clean or Spic & Span. If you want a safe green alternative try good old fashioned hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide kills anaerobic bacteria and can be used as a bleaching agent to remove the discoloration of the mold.

Step#4: Have your tile showers periodically cleaned by a professional. Make sure they are able to repair cracked and broken grout lines as well. You may need to calk corners and edges depending on the type of shower you have.

Step#5: Seal grout lines with a water tight sealer. If you have natural stone in your shower, such as travertine, seal the stone as well. The proper sealer can create a water tight barrier preventing mold, mildew, and possible water damage.

If you have questions please feel free to contact me at (916) 525-2456. Until next time...

Michael Hull


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